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Treatments: Ambience for Introverts

Intense. Our reality now is so intense. Overwhelming. Overstimulating. Too much noise, too much news, too many problems, too many talking heads.


If you’re an introvert, you feel this harder, perhaps. Us introverts are oft misunderstood; we’re not always shy, we’re not always quiet. The least understood characteristic of introverts is our need to re-charge alone. If the introvert is also a highly sensitive person, they may need an even softer place to land.


Treatments: Ambience for Introverts is that soft place to land. Treatments assures you that everything will be okay. This chill string of electronic pieces are the perfect balance of gentle and energetic. Treatments is both a wide open space to breathe in, and a cozy nook to hide in.


As an introvert himself, Patrick has always struggled with the tension of being both an introvert and musician…the tension of being both performer and composer. On the one hand, he has felt compelled as a performer to connect emotionally with audiences through music, despite the fact that process requires extroverting and is deeply draining. On the other hand, Patrick truly thrives when working alone, creating in the studio. That profound tension and the process of revealing his vulnerability is what gives Treatments its magic. For Patrick personally, Treatments is a step towards reconciling those dissonances with consonances.


The album can function either as an atmosphere while you’re doing something else or, when listened to from start to end, Treatments will take you on a journey from the rough place you are, to the place you need to be.

Treatments: Ambience for Introverts is now available for download from Bandcamp and is also available to stream on all platforms, including Spotify and YouTube Music, as of 12/31/2020.


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