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PATRICK SULER is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and video artist. He is a feature member of the NYC new music collaborative, Otonal.  His work has been performed by Sybarite 5, Aileen Gozali, Ken Kubota, and others. He studied with Ray Lustig (Latency Canons, Semmelweiss) at the Juilliard School.

Conceptually, Patrick has a fervent interest in the intersection of emotion and the abstract.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Patrick plays synthesizer, cello, guitar, bass, and vocals. He has performed in countless groups, from surf bands to goth bands to experimental noise projects. Since 2011, he has played bass in the indie pop band, Particle Zoo, whose albums have charted on college radio through the United States.


Patrick's parallel track in video production has had him working for commercial directors and ad agencies. He has served as a video editor, sound designer, producer, and motion graphic artist.  Patrick's interest in science and helping others led him to substantial work in healthcare education for physicians.

When Patrick was 11, his piano-playing father introduced him to the synthesizer, and Patrick has been obsessed ever since. Around that same time, Patrick figured out that he could attach one VCR (video cassette recorder) to another, wiring it up with an audio mixer as well, to edit his own videos with his own soundtrack.

The areas of music and video have been intersecting more often. Patrick directed and edited the concert film for Otonal's string quartet tribute to Apollo 11, in addition to being a feature composer. He has also been intermittently creating audio/visual compositions for Instagram.

In 2020, Patrick unveiled his album, Treatments: Ambience for Introverts, a set of works composed for introverts and HSPs (high sensitive people) that balance gentle movement and energy. As an introvert himself, Patrick has long struggled with – on the one hand – the friction between the compulsion to perform music for others, and – on the other hand – the mental exhaustion and anxiety it causes. 

Treatments: Ambience for Introverts is available for download on Bandcamp, and available to stream on Spotify and YouTube Music end of 2020.


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