December 2020

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Treatments: Ambience for Introverts

The Gravity Games Suite

GRAVITY GAMES: THE FUNDAMENTAL ASTRONAUTS’ PLAYLIST FOR APOLLO 11 was an event produced by the Otonal composers’ collective. Five of the composers created an evening of string quartets in honor of the 50th anniversary of the greatest event in the history of mankind’s exploration– the Apollo 11 mission.

The Gravity Games Suite is Patrick Suler's set of four pieces for string quartet and drum machine.

Visit the "VIdeo" section of this website for the visual experience, or view the full concert film on YouTube.

OTONAL is a NYC based collective comprised of composers from Juilliard, professional musicians, and/or multimedia artists.

The Blue Vortex Suite

Five pieces for Instagram, performed at the Juilliard School by Sybarite5.

Modern Classical Extras

Three readings of compositions for cello / piano, viola / clarinet / marimba, and violin / piano.